Call for 2020 Students’ HIROSHIMA Summit to Think about Peace

The Center for Peace at Hiroshima University will hold the 2020 Students’ HIROSHIMA Summit to Think about Peace. At this summit, students from various countries studying at Hiroshima University will discuss the importance of peace, thereby issuing their own HIROSHIMA declaration. The students will think about our future world together, while referring to historical tragedies such as atomic bombings, massacres, abuse of prisoners of war (POWs), and starvation, while also identifying lessons for reconciliation and lasting peace.

In 2020 – which marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima – the students will discuss the way in which the atomic bomb experience can be handed down to future generations and how nuclear disarmament can be achieved. Based on HIROSHIMA’s atomic bomb experience, they will also discuss visions for the post-novel coronavirus era, while reaffirming the conviction that the world without nuclear weapons can be achieved.

By engaging in intensive group discussions and in lectures by atomic bomb survivors, and by participating in research seminars, the students will learn from the atomic bomb experience and develop a set of principles for both civil and international societies to promote nuclear disarmament. These principles will be incorporated into “2020 Students’ HIROSHIMA declaration” to be delivered in August this year.

Had it not been for the outbreak of the coronavirus, we would have allowed students from outside Hiroshima University to apply. However, the eligibility for participation at the 2020 summit is limited to the students at Hiroshima University.

Selection: Open call for students

Number of students selected: 8Maximum

Eligible applicants: The students enrolled at Hiroshima University at the time of August 6, 2020

Those who have Internet access

Those who can communicate with others in English

A certain level of Japanese language proficiency (speaking skills) is desirable

Application deadline: June 7, 2020

Please read the details in the following documents:

Description of the Purpose of the Summit


Application Form